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jill and manny – los angeles wedding photographer – engagement session – part two


we’re back with part two of jill and manny’s engagement session!  part one was filled with fun bike riding and lemon trees but part two is where it gets super romantic.  jill and manny wandered in the woods, hand in hand, under a beautiful canopy of trees…



how gorgeous are these two together?!  as sunset approached we found ourselves up in the hills in open fields as the golden rays of the sun smiled down upon these two high school sweethearts…


Jenny - These are beautiful photos. I love her pink dress.February 7, 2014 – 1:55 pm

danielle - These pictures are beautiful!February 7, 2014 – 8:43 pm

mary - Do you know where her dress is from? It’s gorgeous =)February 8, 2014 – 9:33 am

jill and manny – engagement – los angeles wedding photographer – part one


there’s an obvious connection you immediately notice when you meet jill and manny.  maybe it’s because they’ve grown together as high school sweethearts over​ the past 10 years or maybe it’s simply because they are just so perfect for each other.   it’s likely a combo of both because the love jill and manny share is unmistakable and you can literally see the love that radiates around them!  (thank you rachel & ryan for sending them my way!!  i love referrals from past clients!​)​

manny is an avid bike rider with Fullerton Bikes and i was so excited when they showed up with two vintage bicycles (dating back to the 60′s!).  they also brought the cutest outfits plus a bunch of options and accessories!  we started out at a historic house and barn, found our​ way to ​the cutest lemon grove, and then had ​a bunch of fun with their bikes.  b​ut it doesn’t end there!  ​t​here was so much goodness in this shoot that I had to break this up into two posts.  stay tuned later this week ​for part two with gorgeous scenery, some super romantic photos, and jill’s adorable dress on a sunset lit mountainside.

​i had so much fun with them and i’m so excited for their wedding this summer at the Franciscan Gardens.  they’ve been scouring local flea markets and collecting special vintage pieces for their wedding… plus jill (a graphic designer) is designing all their invites.  i can’t wait to see it all come together!   don’t forget to come back and visit for part two, i can’t wait to share it with you!